Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Zealand whale watching

Ah the prospect of gazing upon the giants of the deep was an enticing one indeed.

A prospect few land lubbers could resist.

Many came, and from all the corners of the globe, for a glimpse of the rare beasts.

The cargo of rubbernecks were eager and full of cheer.

And so the Captain set out upon the salty drink.

It wasn't long before fate showed her hand and a vicious patch of sea lay before them.

The Captain was confident. He was sure. But the swells began to take their toll on the cargo.

The sea was angry enough to make a Kraken shiver. Swell after swell fell upon the boat.

Hours past with no sign of whales. Unease gripped the passengers but the Captain remained vigilant, steadfast and determined.

He'd be damned before he'd let these whales get the best of him. After all he was MAN! and these were simple BEASTS!... Not to mention the pain of refunding all the passengers.

The cargo grew restless and desperate.

They begged the Captain to turn the boat to shore.

NEVER! He barked.

This wasn't about the passengers anymore. He wasn't just looking for a whale. He was looking for his pride! These whales had it, and he was hell-bent on getting it back!

No one knows what happened to that cursed ship. Some say the Captain is still out there, scouring the seas for the elusive beasts.
All that I know is that none of those poor got their money back, and on quiet nights when the water is calm, you can almost hear the heaving of those wretched souls.



  1. Based on a true story...
    More or less.

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